Welcome to the new (Nov 2016) Preaching Ideas website.

This site is designed to share preaching ideas and material with all those who want to spread the Good News of the Kingdom of God and the message of salvation taught by the Lord Jesus Christ.

We hope and pray that you find the new website is simple, easy to navigate, that the ideas and resources are useful and that you have ideas and resources to share with us. This site is going to be what we all make it, the more Brethren & Sisters contribute the better the site will be, we will of course add material, but we can not and do not want to do it all, this site is for all to share and may God bless that sharing and the work we do.

This website is run by Bro Luke Bamford of Wardley Christadelphian Ecclesia and is in part funded by the CALS and Bibleline.

We understand it has been a bit of a rocky ride getting here and that the earlier website incarnations were not well maintained or did not have new material for long periods of time. The simplicity of this new site, should we hope and pray make these problems a thing of the past.

Until He Comes

Bro Luke Bamford